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hitorical map of Palermo
Palermo, a city of art where the history and culture are interwoven with the sea, the environment and traditions.

The city of Palermo has everything travelers could wish for:
a great number and variety of monuments (ranging from type architectures Arabic Norman to Baroque, Romanesque, Gothic and Liberty);
the sea, you can easily reach the beach of Mondello blue water and lined with beautiful villas of the early '900 and the natural reserve of Capo Gallo;
mountain, Palermo is also a good point for those who enjoy hiking as Monte Pellegrino, with its beautiful sanctuary (Santa Rosalia) built inside a cave is easily reached by car or public transport.
Who is looking at Palermo's also a good healthy food, tasty and healthy and close to our bed and breakfast you will find many restaurants and trattorias where I'll be happy to recommend the best dishes.
LThe city offers so much culture: music, theater, galleries, museums, we can cite for example the archaeological museum Abatellis, or agony, beautiful archtettura Arab cultural center in the evening are good Jazz or theatrical performances.
You can not leave without walking through the Palermo's historic markets Vucciria BallarĂ² and Cape or without visiting the antiques market in Piazza Marina and modern. When you come here I'll be happy to give all necessary advice to get to know the city from every point of view (artistic, culinary and recreational).
Handy list of the main monuments of Palermo


for Art Lovers

Discover Palermo and the Norman Arab itinerary, a UNESCO heritage site. We'll keep you updated about exhibitions, theater performances, concerts, alternative tourist itineraries


Relax and Passions

Discover a rich entertainment of Palermo, if you have the passion of tango, eating well, the nightlife here you'll find what you're looking for

Sports Activities

for Lovers of the Sea

We might suggest, during your stay, magical places, helping you to organize sailing boat or dinghy , kite surfing courses, diving activities

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