Restricted traffic zone

It is a beautiful clean and livable city!

You are able to live a dream holiday, with less traffic, cleaner air and the breeze coming from the sea, enjoy the best of all the alleys that make it unique Palermo.
The city now, in addition to the pedestrian walkways of Via Maqueda, Piazza Sant'Anna and Piazza San Francesco, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, is enriched every day with the Traffic Limited Zone, more bike lanes, better bus services (also with shuttles free) enjoy an extended center on a human scale

Just some organization!. The B&B Novecento is located less than 300 meters from the square of the Central Station, which means you can still park your car just outside the ZTL and get there on foot. If you have a gasoline or diesel Euro4 EURO3 least you can still reach the b & b for loading and unloading luggage, without paying any pass, taking you behind the sheet of room reservation, or the reservation confirmation sms. Once at the b∓b, to avoid penalties you will have to give me the car's documents to communicate your input and be included in the lists of temporarily authorized vehicles.
If you want to park or drive a car within the ZTL you will need to buy a day pass for the amount of €5.00, I will take care of me the bureaucratic side, at no extra charge.

B&B Novecento

Via Roma, 62,
90133 Palermo
Telefono: +39 0919761194
Cellulare: +39 3479746009
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For more informations:
ZTL details (italian).
ZTL Technical Regulations (Italian).
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B&B Novecento

Via Roma, 62

90133 Palermo


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